2014-06-13 08:01:09 by SamGreen

It sucks as this video is over 3 years old. My finacial and living situations back then were bare minimum. I had the episode half finished for years before attempting to finish it. 

A group of fans formed together desperate for the ending. They helped raise $500 for me to dedicate 2 weeks to finished the episode (which was clearly not enough time in heinsight). I wish I could go back and reanimate it today as I see fits. It FEELS RUSHED, I agree. It is the story how I planned to make it unfold however it sorrows me (and half the reason it was never released here on newgrounds before) to have it end the way it did.

Though; all that aside I ask for the audience for a pass on this. The story grew from a 'nothing lols' to something that people started to enjoy. I made a story from nothing and now is so vivid in my mind I know that one day it will be retold. Retold in a way I think it deserves.

For a 10 year evolving animator I've learnt so many lessons on the way I can't be ashamed of this. As an animator I've learnt that there's no easy lessons with 'right' or 'wrong'.

Ripping/taking advantage off memes, music, pop culture... They're all stepping stones of faith in you as an animator and growth as you as person and entertainer. 

I appreciate all the extensive reviews, nothing has caught me off guard. Releasing this is more of a 'SHIT, WHY THE FUCK NOT!?' for those that require closure. 

For those craving more depth. More story telling. More EPIC... I'm with you in that boat. As soon as the time is right, I plan to remake the entire story. The way I think it deserves to be told.

A quick thank you to all the devoted fans that have taken the time to let me know how you feel. Whether negative or positive. I'm not absent minded with how it's ended. I offer no apologies, more of an offering to meet me half way with life and circumstances. 


Episode 7:


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It does feel rushed, indeed, but after reading I understand the situation, I'll just wait until you remake it :) GL! and keep up the good work


2014-06-14 00:20:56

it was that way


2014-06-14 11:14:54

Good luck sam, I hope you can make something as awesome as the previous Killing Spree episodes some day. But don't feel any pressure.


2014-06-14 17:35:13

Killing Spree Remastered? Why the bloody hell not, no kid this generation has probably seen it before anyway. That's why they keep repeating Spiderman and other superhero movies about every 10 ten years. Not to mention refreshing the Stickpage community. It doesn't matter when, making this happen will be a blast for all of us.


2014-06-18 03:13:55

I've been watching the KS Series since day one, back when Stick Page was the shit :P
I would love a remaster of KS! I can't wait. I just hope "the right time" isn't in 4 years.


2014-10-07 22:31:02

You are correct. I was feeling unsatisfied at the ending and I was still left some unanswered questions and made more as I saw the final episode such as:

- How did Barry achieve Jase's one day to live life to it's fullest powers without getting them from the gypsy or even doing it the same way the main character did in KS1?
- Why did Barry shoot and later killed The Gypsy if she had answers about Jase that he needed to know? Shouldn't a police officer be interrogating and asking questions instead of shooting a suspect even if he was angry at the time?

I was also feeling empty because I thought this was the episode that explains everything and ties all the loose ends up. There was a lot of Jase's and Jim's backstory that could have been shown, especially of their school and home life. I was very curious about that because it is implied that school wasn't their favourite thing based on the quick flashback scene in KS7 and episode 4 and seemed to be responsible for some or most of their angst and anger. I wonder what's with their parents? I just felt more could have been explored there.

I thought there was going to be more of a fight between Barry and Jase since that was what I was expecting a lot out of KS7 but it didn't seem to meet my expectations. In my opinion the fight between them in KS6 was better.

These are just my thoughts and I'm probably over analyzing. Thanks for the entertainment Master-Samus.


2015-03-12 15:57:34

plz make the remake, all of your funs waiting...